Finding Answers With Family

Finding Answers With Family

  • Your Funeral: Decisions To Make Now

    Many people prefer not to think about their death, even though they know it will one day arrive. Your funeral may pop into your mind periodically, but you might not have taken any action to start planning. There are numerous reasons to think about and plan services for your funeral, principally that your family will be in a grievous state when it happens; anything you can do now to relieve their future stress is worth it.

  • 3 Tips For Adopting A Child As A Single Person

    More and more single people are choosing to start a family and experience parenthood through adoption. Adopting as a single person is a beautiful way to become a parent, and children raised by single parents often have just as loving, fun, and full childhoods as those from two parent households. Adopting a child as a single parent does involve some additional considerations, however, and these tips should help: Make Sure You Have a Support System

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Finding Answers With Family

I have always been one of those people who loves making things right with family members, and a few months ago I found a tool that really helped me to make things right. We were able to find a counselor who really understood what it meant to help people heal, and it was absolutely invigorating to get started with therapy. She was incredibly kind, thoughtful, and generous with her time, and she worked hard to make things right with my family. I wanted to make this blog to help other people to know how to help relationships and families to heal.