Finding Answers With Family

Finding Answers With Family

4 Mental Health Challenges That Can Be Treated With Child Psychiatric Services

by Vera Black

Parents want their children to thrive, both physically and mentally. However, sometimes kids face mental health challenges. There is no shame in needing mental health treatment. Kids can be seen by child psychiatrists who take a gentle, holistic approach when dealing with kids. Many incorporate art and play therapy into their treatment sessions because kids often feel more comfortable opening up during these activities. Here are four mental health challenges that a child psychiatrist can treat:

1. Anxiety

It's normal for kids to display anxiety in certain situations. A child who feels nervous before their first day of school is displaying age-appropriate feelings. However, some kids experience heightened levels of anxiety that can cause them distress. If your child is fearful in everyday situations, they may suffer from an anxiety disorder. Fortunately, anxiety can be treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy and, in some cases, medication.

2. Depression

Sadness is a normal part of life. When kids lose a favorite toy or get punished for a misdeed, sadness is a normal response. However, depression can occur when kids experience a severe level of ongoing sadness. Depression can be triggered by a tragedy; sometimes, people's feelings of despair linger long after the inciting event has passed. However, some kids develop depression for no apparent reason. Clinical depression can be treated using talk therapy and antidepressants. Your child's psychiatrist will help you weigh the pros and cons of giving your child medication.

3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a condition that can affect anyone who has sustained trauma. It's commonly associated with war veterans, but even children can develop PTSD following an accident or abuse. People with PTSD may exhibit an exaggerated startle response if they are surprised. They may also experience flashbacks in situations that remind them of their trauma. PTSD should be treated by a child psychiatrist who can carefully help your child unpack their traumatic memories. Kids with PTSD can live full, normal lives when their condition is well-managed.

4. Learning Disorders

Some kids struggle with learning disorders, such as dyslexia or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. These disorders affect the way your child's brain processes information and can make it difficult for kids to read or pay attention in school. Learning disorders cannot be cured, but child psychiatrists can help kids cope with their effects. A combination of medication and lifestyle modifications can help kids with learning disorders excel in academic situations.

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