Finding Answers With Family

Finding Answers With Family

Your Funeral: Decisions To Make Now

by Vera Black

Many people prefer not to think about their death, even though they know it will one day arrive. Your funeral may pop into your mind periodically, but you might not have taken any action to start planning. There are numerous reasons to think about and plan services for your funeral, principally that your family will be in a grievous state when it happens; anything you can do now to relieve their future stress is worth it. The funeral-related activities below can be initiated now:

Choose a Plot

If your family doesn't already own a plot and you plan to be buried, it's up to you to find a suitable final resting place. Your church or other churches in the area might have some plots available on their properties, but funeral home directors can usually recommend sites that you can investigate.

Unlike family might, you may choose to focus on specific issues when looking at plots. For example, you can ask how much it will cost your family to pay for their portion of grounds maintenance.

Purchase a Casket

Your adult children or other relatives, should they be tasked with choosing a casket for your funeral, might select the most ornate, beautiful model available to show their love. However, when you're the one buying, casket shopping can be much less emotional. You may like a casket that's very simple, saving your family hundreds of dollars in some cases.

Choose Guests

Everyone you know isn't always known by your family. For instance, the barista you've spoken to before work every day for years could be unknown to relatives. You might draw up a list of people you hope will attend your funeral so your family is aware and can contact them.

Plan the Program

If you love a certain song or passage from a book, your funeral is the perfect time to share that with loved ones. When you plan your own service, it will be more intimate and reflect the person you are.

Notify Family

To know that all your plans will be fruitful, you should be having periodic conversations with relatives so they can follow your wishes. Tell them where your plot is, where the guest list is being kept and other details they'll eventually need so they don't have to guess later

Make your funeral truly your own. Discuss funeral services with different local directors to finalize your choices. Contact a company like Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home for more information and assistance. 


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Finding Answers With Family

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