Finding Answers With Family

Finding Answers With Family

3 Tips For Adopting A Child As A Single Person

by Vera Black

More and more single people are choosing to start a family and experience parenthood through adoption. Adopting as a single person is a beautiful way to become a parent, and children raised by single parents often have just as loving, fun, and full childhoods as those from two parent households. Adopting a child as a single parent does involve some additional considerations, however, and these tips should help:

Make Sure You Have a Support System

Raising a child is rewarding but also complicated and stressful, and can be even more challenging when you don't have the help and support of a spouse. It's important to have a support system in place before you begin the adoption process. Do you have parents, siblings, or close friends who will be excited about your adoption and eager to help out? Talk to them about things you may need help with, such as occasional babysitting, picking your child up from school when you have to work late, etc.

It's best to clarify up front just how much support you can expect to receive from your loved ones, and to be forthright in asking for help.

Figure Out Work-Related Details

Without a spouse to share the burden of child rearing, it's important to figure out work-related details as early as possible. Does your work offer paid time off for adoptive parents so that you can spend time bonding with your new child before going back to work? Does your employer-provided health insurance cover dependents as well? What is your employer's stance on missing work when your child is sick? It's a great idea to meet with your HR department or boss before you adopt a child to make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

Get Your Finances in Order

Not only is adoption itself expensive, but raising a child on one income can also be difficult. Instead of adopting now and figuring out the financial details later, it's wise to get your finances completely in order before you adopt. This may mean applying for a higher-paying job, building your savings, or paying off debt. It's also a good idea to consult a financial planner to come up with a budget and long-term financial plan, including paying for your child's educational expenses.

By following these tips, your process of adopting a child as a single person will go as smoothly as possible, while also adding a great deal of joy to your life.


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